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Demo Servers

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August 4, 2004

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OutSide Photos Demo Servers

Not sure you're ready to download? Want to see OutSide Photos in action first?

No problem! There are several public servers running the latest versions. Some of the server may require admin authentification to login, other may let you sign up and test anything you want.

Primary Demo Server:
This is most likely to have the newest viewable version. Since most development testing happens on this server, it often has even the newest build available from CVS.

Secondary Server:
This will usually have the stable builds during development. And this server is not always operational.

Server #3 (Hyrun Computing): http://www.hyrun.com/outside_photos/
This will have the latest release version unless we are doing some testing on a Unix server.

mySQL Version Primary Server:
This site is up for testing, as we would like to release a mySQL version of OSP in the near future.