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August 4, 2004

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About OutSide Photos

The Past: OutSide Photos was started in early-2004 by Brandon Nimon as a way to hone his PHP skills. With suggestions from several other people, Nimon ambitiously expanded the project. In late May 2004, OutSide Photos made its debut on Sourceforge.net.

The Present: OutSide Photos is now entirely open source and licensed under the GPL. We are always looking for new developers to join the team.

The Future: OutSide Photos has always been an ambitious and unique project. As we proceed, we hope to maintain our current ease-of-installation and use while adding new features and enhancements.

As the OutSide Photos project was getting off the ground, contributor Brad Hart created mock-ups of how he believed the project should eventually look. It has since been determined that many of the features shown require the development of an SQL-based system and substantial re-writes of large portions of code.

The mock-ups can be found here.

Keep in mind that these images are entirely hypothetical and in NO way reflect what may be developed. The images were also done when the project had a different color and layout scheme. We do NOT anticipate ever going back to the old scheme because, frankly, we like what we have now a lot better.

To get an idea of where OutSide Photos is going in the future, you can view the development roadmap.

Keep in mind that the roadmap is subject to change without notice and is simply a suggested course of development.