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August 4, 2004

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August 4, 2004: The OutSide Photos development team is proud to announce the 0.76 release of its software. OutSide Photos is a user-acclaimed PHP-based web content management system that allows users to upload and manage their images on a server. Setup is quick and easy.

This release contains numerous enhancements to features first introduced in our 0.70 release. Many of these changes were based in part or whole on feedback received from users. There are also several new and exciting features included.

This version comes in two flavors: “regular” and “sql”.

The regular version of OSP is PHP-based. It undergoes the most development.

The SQL version of OSP uses the mySQL database to implement some features and functions not available in the regular version. Because this version has a smaller development team, it undergoes less testing.

Which version is right for me?

The SQL version will require additional setup on your web server but contains more features. In the future we expect that this version will be significantly different. For now, however, both versions are almost identical. We therefore recommend you download the non-SQL version unless you know how to set up SQL and troubleshoot any problems that arise.

New features:

- Fully automatic setup- NO more editing text files! Just drop the files you download into a directory on a web server and GO. Upon visiting your site for the first time, you’ll be guided through a simple page that will do all of the configuration required to get OutSide Photos up and running.
- New settings page allows administrators to conveniently and quickly change settings from a web page. Changes will instantly take effect.
- Different levels of user account. Demote users that misbehave to take away their uploading privileges – and promote users you trust to “administrator” to help you manage the site.
- New image database system, which allows you to see which user uploaded an image. And enhances performance and portability.
- New security system for better behind-the-scenes security and notification.
- New visual indicator shows users when an upload is in progress
- Added the ability for a user to view only their images.
- Gave the uploading user the ability to add a short caption to their image, which is display wherever the image is.
- New theme: “blur”
- A few performance update since 0.75.
- Much more thorough and extensive documentation.

Bug fixes and other changes:

- Fixed problem with capital letters in usernames (bug 995626)
- Fixed problem (only manifested in IE) with transparent PNGs (bug 996900)
- Allowed the image list to be sorted by user (bug 985645)
- Added line breaks to HTML output (bug 984448)
- Fixed bug where image names can contain HTML tags that could mess up the page (bug 1001076)
- Replaced generic “log in” “log out” buttons with themeable ones (bug 984500)
- Misc. code optimization

Download (Regular version): http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/outside-photos/osp076.zip?download

Download (SQL version): http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/outside-photos/sqlosp075.zip?download


System Requirements:

- A web server, preferably running Apache
- 3 MB hard drive space
- Web server support for PHP and the GD2 image library


Give us feedback:

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Drop us a line! Feel free to e-mail the project admins and developers though our page at http://sourceforge.net/projects/outside-photos/.

Better yet, help us improve OutSide Photos by filing bug reports or feature requests.


Join Us:

The OutSide Photos Project is always looking for new contributors. Please e-mail the project admins if you think you can help us in any way.

You can also download the latest release version of the software by using the link to the left.